You don’t write letters in your mailbox.

Mailboxes are where you get distracted. There’s unpaid bills, credit card offers, junk mail, magazines, and perhaps a real letter. You go there, and come back with more things you have to do.

So why write emails in your inbox?

Your inbox is the very same. It’s filled with newsletters, automated emails from social accounts, offers and reminders and calendar requests — and all the real emails that you need to reply to. And in the time it takes you to clean out your inbox, odds are there will be more new emails to process.

That’s hardly the best place to write a coherent email.

You need a new email app.
One that's just for writing emails.

It's that comfortable spot where you pen long letters, draw a smiley face in a birthday card, or just write a quick postcard without getting distracted. It's the place to get email done.

Introducing the simplest email app ever:


the tiny Markdown powered app just for writing emails

Let.ter is a new approach to email, one that lets you focus on your message without the distractions of your email inbox. No notifications, no inbox zero to achieve, no folders and tags and complexities. Just you and your email.

It's the focused approach to email we've all needed. We think you'll love it.

Coming Soon. It's here!

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Only for Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9)